Monday, 22 December 2014

The Triumph and Treachery of 2014

So its been a while since I last posted but I have been incredibly busy on the run up to xmas with work and with personal stuff so Im afraid I haven’t done too much hobby or in fact much gaming either! I did manage to squeeze in two big mega Triumph n Treachery games with Mike and Andy (Dorfs and Chaos Dorfs) on my new gaming table and another game with Joe Ward and Tim G (Ogres and Ogres!). Both games were an absolute blast and I had a great time. Loads of pics above and below!

In a wider update I have done a huge amount of work sorting out my empire collection ready for painting but really struggling to see when I will get time to get this off the ground! Might need to do a super filth low model count list to be ready for my next tournament, we will see! Also almost finished my grey knights (need to get these done!!!) and have also built 8 maneater OrcOgres for the buyer the army! Need to get them painted by the end of January! Loads of Hobby to be done!!

Anyway have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year guys! Hopefully ill get more time to post in the new year!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Nagash: The Undying King

Hey guys! Super busy few weeks but managed to get some painting done (at long last!!) and I have painted up Nagash for a friend. Really is an awesome model and as someone who is a product designer, let me just express the obvious, this model is an utter feat of CAD (Computer Aided Design). Utterly incredible and I wouldn’t even know where to start in producing something like this. On an aside I believe GW must be using bleeding edge rapid prototyping in cobalt to make their tools. They really are world leaders in plastic moulding, let alone model design!

Anyway the model  was a bit of challenge to paint and had to be base coated and washed in several parts, layered in intermediate sub-assemblies and then highlight finished in one piece. It did take a monstrous amount of time (Easily 20+ hours). Did really enjoy painting him though and it is easily one of my favourite models. In retrospect I think it is not my best paint job, the purple armour could be improved. If I was to do it again I would also do the armour the same ethereal colour as the cape/ghosts. (Please note the model is un-based so Andy can match his army when he starts it :) )

Anyway guys let me know what you think!