Monday, 2 March 2015

And now for something completely different......

So over the weekend I finally got around to painting John Harper’s Bretonnian knight for his planned army of individual knights. He plans to get one knight painted by a different person and build up a really unique and cool army that has a lot of personal history. Really loved this idea that each of his friends contribute a single knight painted in a unique colour scheme and jumped on board!

I decided to try something completely different and go with a Charles Rennie MacKintosh (CRM)themed knight dubbed: “Ser Charles La Renne MacKintosh, The Rose of the West”. I’m a huge fan of CRM’s work (went to the Glasgow School of Art and my wedding will be at the House of an Art Lover) so thought this model was a great chance to do a one off something different. Straight up, I am shocking at free hand so this was a real challenge for me and it is not that great imo but from arms length I think the model looks great.

I had a look for some CRM designs online to get inspiration (below) and sketched out the design a few times and 5x scale to get the feel of it before committing paint and brush to model. Some work in progress shots below. Really actually enjoyed painting this and made me think given (A LOT of) practise I would love to paint a Bret army with subtle variations on this design and colouring,  it would be totally unique. The CRM designs really lend themselves to Medieval heraldry and fabric work as they are so simple but equally colour ful.

Anyway please let me know what you think as it is something well out of my comfort zone!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Troglodon (TROLOLOLOLODON) Painted

So last night I finished off a Troglodon as a prize for the winner of Winter War Raffle 2014. The winner (Chris Maker) requested that I paint this awesome model and I was more than happy to oblige! Really is one of my favourite large monster plastic kit released in the past few years, brilliant sculpt. The scales were pretty soul destroying to paint (took over 10 hours to do the green and turquoise!) but I think the final effect came off rather well. Please note that the model is un-based so Chris can match his Lizardman basing scheme. The sand was drying last night (and still was this morning lol) so I’ll give it a quick wash and drybrush tonight to tidy it up!

Really chuffed with how it came out though, probably one of the best models I have done. Actually really put cravings back into me to go and paint lizardmen again (my first love!). Also gave me a funny bit of nostalgia to go back and look at my lizards ( ) they were finished in May 2012 (just under 3 years ago) and I’m really happy with how I have progressed with my painting since then. The lizardmen were the first army which I used washes on (I know crazy!) and really got me into painting properly. Since then I have tried to learn one new technique for every army I have done to push myself as a painter and get better with each new project.

So with that in mind I thought I would set out some plans for 2015 (super busy year so a bit less ambitious than most my years!):

  • ·         1200 pts of High Elves/Empire for Cally Carnage Team Event (May). Need to decide soon lol.
  • ·         (~)2400pts of the above for Winter War (November).
  • ·         2000pts of Grey Knights(half painted)
  • ·         Techniques to practise: NMM, Freehand Banners, OSL (maybe!).

What new techniques are you going to try to learn in 2015? What are your next projects?

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Battle Fleet Gothic Dark Eldar

Hey guys, quick update! Last night I finished off speed painting my Dark Eldar Battlefleet gothic fleet. Super quick paint job: Basecoat, wash, drybrush, glaze! Not the best paint job but it looks decent at arms length and for a game ill probably play 2-3 times a year im cool with that! :)

A few of the guys are keen to play the game so thought I’d get this done and out my OCD nagging portion of my tiny mind! Next up is a troglodon and some Bretonnians…. Yet more great uses of my time ;) 

Monday, 9 February 2015

New Battleboard and Terrain: Caledonia

So over the weekend I got to use and set out all my new terrain and my new battlemat. I am over the moon with it all! It has really come together better than I had hoped. I have named my battlefield Caledonia for all future battles (in particular Joe and my fluff for #TO40KGS) as I think it looks like my native Scottish Highlands.

The mat in particular is a massive success, I got it from Adam Turner (@WORGORE on twitter) of AGOM fame, so if you want one in the UK get in touch with him. The full range can be found here . I did A LOT (far too much actually lol) of research on battlemats and found these to be the combo of great graphics and the best material (rubber backed mouse mat material). It rolls up in a cardboard tube (supplied) and doesn’t crinkle or curl like I have heard PVC printed mats do. Also thanks to the rubber back it wont slip or slide on your table. In theory your perfect situation is to have a 6x4 dining table then all you need is this mat!

Anyway have a look at all the pics I took of the games! Sorry about my unpainted models, as you know im between armies!

Caledonia will be mine!