Tuesday, 16 September 2014

OrcOgre Firebelly and Butcher

Hey guys! Been doing a wee painting spree and finished off my firebelly and butcher meaning I am now fully painted for the Scottish open! Went a bit left wing with the paint scheme on the firebelly’s flames and ended up with a pinky flame. Quite happy with how they turned out as at one point I was pretty down with how they were looking. I think the reason was that due to my life being a bit hectic at the moment it took me a week or so to get them painted up meaning that the models were half painted for days. Usually I paint pretty quickly and get to sit for 5-6 hours in the evening so this change of pace meant I was staring at half finished work. Let me know if you suffer from similar annoyance at half painted projects and if you do try painting for as long as possible to finish a model to completion to keep morale up!

Monday, 15 September 2014

If you go down to the woods today....

Been doing a wee bit of work on some scenery for my realm of battleboard and have put together 3 GW forests! They were pretty fiddly to build (the leaves were difficult to attach after painting in parts) but overall I think they look pretty good. I sprayed the base and tree trunks brown, dry brushed light brow, washed with devlan mud and then drybrushed with a light green and a light brown. I washed the lower parts of the trees with Athonian Camoshade to make it look moss covered. The rocks were just grey painted, black washed and dry brushed with lighter grey. The leaves were grey sprayed, orange painted, washed with yellow and then I glued scatter leaves on the surfaces and the base. All in all I think they came out pretty well and definitely look like an autumn forest! Let me know what you think!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Three Little Warpigs went to Market...

Boosh! Finished 3 Warpigs (Sabretusks) for my OrcOgres! Pretty chuffed with how these boys came out! Also some pics of my planned Scottish Open 2014 Army list, just 2 models and movement trays to paint, wooo!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Forlorn Legion & The Order of the Blood Lion (Test Model)

Hey guys! I hope your all doing well and are as excited by the End Times and Nagash as I am!

I have been having a think and as our gaming group does not have an undead player and the new books are amazing I’m going to switch up my empire and do an Undead Empire army! Going to write a short story for the back ground of my army to help with the narrative side of things. Really don’t want to miss out on this expansion, I genuinely think it is the best product and concept GW have released to my memory!

An empire army sent out into the Kislev wastes to help relieve the kislevites from the chaotic onslaught. Only a few years prior the Kislevites had raided their garrison town taking their stores of food and killing many villagers. The nobles of both sides settled the matter amicably and no vengeance was enacted much to the anger and disgust of the common soldiery. The local empire general and elector count were too cowardly to fight themselves and lead the troops so they hired the “Order of the Blood Lion” and their Grandmaster Wilhelm Von Kurst to lead the army.

On the march toward kislev the army is ambushed by a chaotic host and are badly depleted but not defeated and they receive dire news that their home town and garrison have been sacked. All of their families and friends put to the sword by the marauding norsemen. In need of shelter the army makes way to the nearest kislev town. The kislevites demand gold to enter, paying for the scarce food and accommodation that they will have to supply. Grandmaster Wilhelm realises the dire situation and nobly donates his Order’s hire payment. Upon opening the chest gifted to them by the empire nobles he finds that it has transmuted to common iron, a vile alchemical trick! Betrayed and abandoned the army is forced to march and camp in the freezing storm that has been blowing for days.

Days turn weeks, weeks to months and the storm does not let up. Supplies and men dwindle until morale is broken, desertion and anarchy reigns. In the depths of midnight the darkness somehow grew darker, the storm fiercer and the chill colder. Out of the swirling maelstrom of the blizzard a tall and impossibly evil figure approached Grandmaster Wilhelm and offers him and his lieutenants a choice:

"Die fighting and serve me for eternity as slaves or die willingly and wreak vengeance forever on your betrayers".

Months of bitter thoughts and cursing to the midnight wind made the decision easy, Grandmaster Wilhelm accepts his fate and to prove his loyalty puts his unwilling men to death and gifted his followers with the vampric kiss. That day "The Forlon Legion" was born and it's relentless march to revenge began.....

So as you will see I have painted a test model as I was so excited using a high elf as a base. I will be using empire models going forward with a mix of conversions and vampiric models (hexwraiths, varghiests, terrorghiest, ghouls and the new Mortarchs etc). The infantry will all be ghost like as shown above as well as all the mounts (to represent the common soldiery and beasts of burden being put to the sword) and the elite knights and characters have been given the vampiric kiss in exchange for their desertion to the ranks of the unliving. This is a newly dead army so there will not be as much degradation in the armour or appearance of the “Forlorn Legion” contingent but the rest will be more standard in undead appearance.

So just now I am looking for comments on the colour scheme (I know not technically my best paint job but please comment on the colour mix and balance). I am not sure if the infantry will look to ghostly and bland in isolation? Do they need another colour? More armour? Darker weapons? Bear in mind that there will be other units balancing the army out with the basing being consistent and the beasts/infantry all ethereal?

Input would be greatly appreciated!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Scottish Open 2014

Gather up one and all the Scottish Open has been announced! Hosted by the wondrous and magnificent King Pash (@kingpash) at Common Ground Games in Stirling, Scotland. To say I am excited would be like saying Nick Gentily (of Dwellers Below fame) is mildly aroused by cavalry princes and talks in hushed whispers. It is already being billed as the premier Scottish 2 day tournament and is one which we hope will draw in foreign (or soon to be foreign L ) tournament go-ers as well as the brilliant Scottish Scene regulars!

So why should you go to the Scottish Open or Scottish tournaments in general? Well frankly we are a great bunch of gamers who embrace all sides of the hobby (gaming, painting and socialising) and the atmosphere is just incredible on the day. We all have a great laugh and nothing is taken too seriously but if you want some competitive tactical games the top tables always play host to our best players who compete on an international stage. Further down the tables (where I belong) we regularly play drinking games (secure the pint of beer objective or double six charges are always in). Furthermore the venue is second to none at Common Ground Games, great tables, a custom built gaming hall and an attached hobby shop and cafĂ©. I’ve been told it is similar to the maelstrom of old. Saturday will likely be host to a group meal out and a night on the Stirling tiles. Being Scotland accommodation, food and drink are very cheap compared to down south and transport links are excellent (Stirling bus and train station are 5 minutes’ walk from the venue) to Glasgow, Edinburgh and the south so it is very easy to get to!

To top this of Pash has released a very unique tournament pack (can be found here: Comp Pack and Sign Up HERE ) at 2500pts, win/loss/draw and you are free to bring upto 300pts of allies, scrolls of binding or monstrous Arcanum models. This can be cherry picked from any book and in any combination but bear in mind the standard Warhammer allies rules (eg suspicious allies etc). There are scenarios in place (blood n glory & modified watch tower(hill)).

So with this all in mind I thought I would post up my planned (closed) list. I have been tossing and turning about whether to bring filth (Tetto’eko, Demigryphs, A lvl4 on Light or Big Waaaagh (hand of gork on a gutstar lol) or 2 empire cannons lol) but have settled on a more themey but still competitive Ogre list and have brought a (shockingly terrible) Rock Idol. This monstrous beastie 200pts of utter fail but I love the model and I feel it will be in keeping with the spirit of the tournament. This bad boy has a rule called big un which is all the worst parts of animosity and frenzy and none of the benefits, it MUST declare a charge if possible and if it cant then you rolls a d6 on a 1 it charges one of your own units!!! I can see this biting me in the bum at some point!

The rest of the list more conventional (I have some sneaky tricks with items which I am keeping secret) but I have taken the decision to use a lvl2 on beasts. I am undecided on the lvl1/2 but my thinking for level 2 is I might roll savage beasts, amber spear or pan’s impenetrable pelt which would be useful and it makes casting wild form that bit easier. Wildform on the mournfang, lead belchers, bulls or gutstar can be an utter game winner especially when combined with bubble maw magic! Excited to try this out!

Anyway guys let me know what you think and if you can make it to one Scottish event this year, make it this one and sign up!

Slaughtermaster: Level 4 Wizard; great weapon

Bruiser: heavy armour; battle standard; Lookout Gnoblar
Butcher: Level 2 Wizard; Lore of Beasts

9 Ironguts: Gutlord; Bellower; standard bearer
8 Ogres: additional hand weapons; Bellower; standard bearer

8 Leadbelchers: Bellower
4 Mournfang Cavalry: heavy armour; ironfists; Bellower; standard bearer
1 Sabretusk
1 Sabretusk


Rogue Idol (Pile)

2,500 points

Monday, 25 August 2014

Carmine Dragon

Over the weekend I have been on a bit of painting marathon and managed to finished a Carmine Dragon. I didn’t realise it until I sat down to paint it but it was the first dragon I have ever painted! It was a pretty difficult model to paint, the red scales took an inordinate amount of time to paint. The wings were also a nightmare as there is no flat surface to blend up, instead they are all crenelated surfaces. Other than that though it is a lovely model and probably one of the best dragon models GW or any other manufacturer produce.

Anyway let me know what you think as it is quite different to my normal painting style with a much more muted colour palate (read not bright purple and luminous green ;) ).

Friday, 15 August 2014

Warriors of Chaos Tzeentch Disc Rider Painted

Finished the disc rider! Not my best work but I think he came out not too bad! The sword and the gold aren’t that great but I think the pinky/purple feathers and the basing looks pretty good I think! Let me know what you think guys!