Friday, 24 October 2014

Scottish Open 2014 - Super Awesome

Hey guys! Life is a bit upside down at the moment so this will be a bit shorter than I would want. The Scottish open was awesome, had a great time and five brilliant games! I ended on 2 wins, 2 draws and a loss so just on the right side of average! I also managed to come second in the painting to Ben Carter's sweet lizards!

I took a bunch of pictures at the event (pics below) of all the armies that were in the running of best painted. I've only really been going to Scottish tournaments for 2 years and the standard has really jumped up for painted armies. There were very few border line armies/models and some really great paint jobs!

Ogres were a blast to use as well, putting all the big toys on the table was a laugh! Double StoneHorn was actually a sneaky way to draw a load of heat (a peg hero can beat and break them pretty reliably) and let the gutstar/mournfang do their thing and the Ironblasters shoot stuff down! I did fail on the fortitude choices and protection/placement of the BSB which cost me the win in blood n glory. I also just missed out on a best ogre by one TP to that dirty Jon Pugh who consistently dominates the top ogre slot in Scotland. He does play ogres like lizardmen though which is endlessly comical to watch his double fleeing mournfang and avoidance poison shooting ;)

Anyway would massively recommend the Scottish open, Pash did a brilliant job running the event. The build up was great, loads of hype, a great pack and awesome trophies! Common ground games is easily the best tournament venue in Scotland, Steve n co really run a great event! Roll on next year!