Wednesday, 28 January 2015


After some not subtle prodding from Rich, I thought I'd share my recent dalliance with painting High Elves. It was a bit of a palette cleanser to be honest after painting a lot of dwarfs last year (I really should blog about them...) and I really enjoyed the opportunity to play around with different colours from what is usually use.

I think I like the blue fella the best and should I continue with the poncy pointy ears then I think that's what I'll go with.

Inspired by my High Elf experiment I've also decided to go back and do a bit more work on my Dark Elves to get them up to standard. More pics to come but here the Executioners and bonus Dwarfs ��

Thanks for reading.

High Elf Test Model: Non Metallic Metals (NMM) Gold

Hey guys! Decided to pick up my brush last night and make a stab at painting my first High Elf for my next army. I have had in my mind a plan to do a Blood Elf (World of Warcraft) theme for a few years now so I am quite excited to make a start. I also decided that sticking to my pledge of trying something new with every army so this one will be an experiment in Non metallic metals (NMM).

I follow an awesome painter (@KujoPainting) on twitter who put up a great step by step guide and recipe for NMM Gold he used on his dwarfs (see his thread for details). I had a look at it and I thought it looked really cool and not too difficult to do. In actually in fact it looked a lot like how I do most non metal surfaces but with a more harsh edge highlight so I thought I would give it a bash!

I’m really happy with how the gold came out (a little messy in areas but that will come with practise) but the silver sword is a bit of a mess so I will retry entirely on that. Also I think the overall balance of the scheme is a bit off. I think it needs less gold armour and more red armour (shoulder pads and thigh guards??), more black cloth (the red cloth at present changed to this) and keep the green gems and red plume the same? Will try this out and put up more pictures.

On a general note I really liked doing NMM, usually hate doing traditional metals (especially if I am going for a clean look) and it was less difficult that I had thought (was very daunting seeing all the awesome work out there). If you try it don’t lose heart until you get to the last high light as it will look a bit naff till then. I think I will try out a few tweaks to the recipe but this is what I did:

Base: Rhinox Hide
Layer: Balor Brown
Wash: Sepia (Think will try Agrax and Reikland Fleshshade)
Layer Balor Brown
Layer: Zamesi Desert
Highlight: Iraqi Sand (Vallejo)
Extreme Highlight: White

I think I need to keep a bit more of the Rhinox Hide base visible on larger surfaces to accentuate the depth/reflection of the metal. Once I have this nailed down I will do a step by step guide because I think in theory it is easier to make gold look great than using traditional metallic paints. 

Both Mike and Joe are also working on their test High Elf models so hopefully they will post up their work too as they have gone for completely different schemes :) Nudge, nudge! Wink, wink! Get a blog post up guys!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sheffield Slaughter 2015 Review: Best Armies

So I thought these pictures and write up deserved its own post to do them justice! There were a lot of really great armies at the slaughter (and some terrible ones but I won’t name and shame!!) and it was amazing to finally see some of them in the flesh. Some of these armies are celebrities to me, getting to see them all at one event was incredible! I am incredibly honoured to come second in such a strong field and I left the event on such a high because of it! Thanks to everyone who voted for me and who came up to talk to me about the army, really made me feel great!

I loved all of the armies and it was great to talk to everyone about how they created their armies and nice to get tips on how I could improve for my next army. It was great that everyone was so approachable and was happy to talk techniques, conversions and colour theory! Big congrats to Byron for coming 1st (he got my vote!) and Mark for coming 3rd. All the other guys really had some beautiful armies, it was great to see them all in one place!

Painting Nominees:
Byron Orde (High Elves)
Rich Payne (OrcOgres)
Mark Wildman (Eternity King - Purple)
Ben Johnson (Skaven)
Dave Sweeting (OnG – Yellow)
Neil Peckett (Eternity King – Autumn)
Adam Cunis (Legions of Chaos – Beastmen)
Les Martin (Daemons of Chaos)
Joel Smith (OnG – Skarsnik)
Dave Pyle (Dark Elves)

Other Notable Armies pictured below:
Tim Fisher (DoC) – Dropped Out
Steve Wren (Empire) – brought a silly, silly Legions of Chaos list ;)

Anyway I will let the pictures do the talking, I tried my best to get good pictures but the lighting wasn’t great in some of the shots. I should have brought my black cloth for people to use!

Once again thanks to all who came and spoke with me, you really made the weekend awesome!