Thursday, 16 October 2014

Vampire Lord: Test Paint Scheme for the Empire

Hey guys! Very quick post to show some pictures of my test empire colour scheme on a vampire lord model for the ever lovely Greig Summers to use at the Scottish Open. It was a nightmare (pun intended) taking a picture of the barding as it just came up as a luminous pink glow lol! Technically it is one of the better models I have painted but I'm not sure (and neither is twitter!) of the colour choice or mix. So back to the drawing board for another shot! I think I got the blending on the areas pretty good but it took ages and to be honest doesn’t look that great (sad face…). The Sea/Mint Green was particularly tricksy so I think this is a dead end as it will take me a ridiculous length of time to paint an army in these colours!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Monster Mash at the Scottish Open

So I’m getting pretty bloody excited  about the Scottish Open and decided to bring a daft list to the Scottish Open! I’m bring a stand stonehorn with harpoon launcher, an unridden stonehorn (storm of magic compendium scroll of binding), 6 mournfang and my two big ironblaster models! I think it looks pretty cool on the table and to be frank, I just want to use all my big models at once! It’s still a pretty solid army if a bit one dimensional! Just 9 days to go! #SoExcited 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


So I got a bit carried away last night and powered though a cheeky wee project….a second Ironblaster in the form of a Cygor! Absolutely love the model and it is another one that doesn’t see the table top much due to it’s sub par rules. I think it fits well in my monstrous army of herded beasts! I missed a few bits which I will correct tonight (ropes etc) which is what I get for painting into the small hours of the night! Really chuffed with how it came out, one of my better paint jobs I think! Really love the kit though, joy to put together and paint! Let me know what you think guys!