Sunday, 29 March 2015

Preparing for the South Coast GT

Hi there! I'm Steve, and I've been playing tournament Warhammer now since 2010. I suppose on the UK 'scene' I am regarded as reasonable hobbyist and a terrible player! To be fair my results have definitely backed this up! I thought that I would use my first post on Paint Hammer to show you what I am working on for this years South Coast GT which is coming up in two weeks time. I'll be taking the Empire army, and I do not have a lot of models to add (luckily).

I have been working on a Celestial Hurricanum using some alternative models. I have taken the Hordes Celestial Fulcrum and the attendants from the Harbinger of Menoth and am hoping to create a kind of floating power generator that harnesses the powers of the heavens and will be pulled by three acolytes. Here are the first two Acolytes. I've kept the scheme fairly generic but tried to add in a little bit of freehand on the cloaks. This is something that I have been finding myself adding more and more to models at the moment, and its quite interesting seeing how this skill is progressing.

One of the problems I have with this army is adding models to existing units. I created the army in 2013 and did what I like to call 'seamless' trays that match perfectly with the bases. This looks good, but if you try to add a model it can prove problematic. This is one of the reasons I have moved onto plain black trays for my two most recent armies!

My solution was to add a separate tray to the side of units that will just push up next to the existing trays. I think this is a fairly neat solution. As you can see I make these bases from MDF with a slightly larger lip to the rear of the tray. The filler providses some variation to the ground, and the graves and scenery just add interest. These are the two trays that will expand my Demigryphs from seven to ten

I've also got to paint the three demis to go along with this. I'll update the blog at the end of the week so hopefully you can see how I've got on. I'll also add some details on the list I've taken and some of the other models I'll be pushing about over the weekend.

Introducing a new Blogger: Steve Wren!

Hey guys just a quick wee update to introduce a new member of the PaintHammer blogging group and twitter buddy: Steve Wren! For those of you who don't know, Steve has been one of the most prolific army painters of 8th edition in the UK, producing some absolutely excellent armies over the past few years. He has won several prestigious best painted awards including blood and glory, sheffield slaughter and the inaugural UK painting masters. Defo been a big inspiration for me and given me plenty of tips and advice over the past few years!

Anyway Steve will be doing a few posts coming up and im sure he will share some pictures of his armies (some pics I took of his empire army in this post I took at the sheffield slaughter) and events he attends in his first post :) really excited to see what Steve produces in the coming months and for joining the team!


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Warhammer Empire Steam Tank

So last night I spent a good solid shift painting my steam tank, making it first complete “unit” for my new empire army. Super happy with how it came out! It has been pointed out by some dirty, dirty haters that the scenic base is a bit daft, the steam tank is about to see-saw itself on a rock! This is quite “deliberate”, the tank is piloted by the reckless and foolhardy Engineer Commander Rickhard Paine, somewhat of a maverick from the gunnery schools of Nuln. Having “parked” on the rock to gain a better view of the battlefield he awaits “a wee tug” from Engineer Field Marshall Anders Curris in my soon to be painted other Steam tank.

Anyway let me know what you think guys, another wee test rotation video is below!


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Marneus Calgar NMM Gold

So over the last few nights I've been painting a round(ish) base! I did a naughty thing and painted a test model for my grey knights.......that's different to all my other grey knights lol! Been thinking away to myself that I am not happy with the colour scheme (hence the failure that was TO40KGS lol) and so I have resolved to strip and repaint them all! Madness I know, especially since I am only halfway through them lol! The theme idea is to paint my grey knights as Adeptus Custodes (The Emperor's elite guard), which I think will look utterly awesome on all my old metal models. So it's happening!

Basically I tried out a more "yellowy" NMM gold method which I think has come out really nicely and will now be getting rolled out to the high elves also. Here is a step by step guide (along with loads of WiP pics below) of how I did it: (assume all proceeding layers are to higher raised surfaces/edges, also all paint watered down with water)

  1. Spray Plastikote Chocolate brown (allow to dry for 24hrs!)
  2. Layer 50/50 Rhinox Hide/Balor Brown
  3. Layer Balor Brown
  4. Wash Agrax Earthshade
  5. Layer Balor Brown
  6. Layer 50/50 Balor Brown/Zamesi Desert
  7. Layer Zamesi Desert
  8. Layer 50/50 Zamesi Desert/Averland Sunset
  9. Layer Averland Sunset
  10. Layer 50/50 Averland Sunset/Vallejo Yellow
  11. Layer Vallejo Yellow
  12. Highlight 50/50 Vallejo Yellow/White
  13. Highlight 25/75 Vallejo Yellow/White
  14. Extreme highlight White

Very intensive and I think my brush work wasn't super perfect (some layers lost I think) but it was certainly one of the most time consuming/technical methods I have used! Think beginning to end this guy took me 12hours (will time it next time) across 3 sessions. Below is also a wee video rotating the model (NB one of my first ever videos so please excuse the utter shitness! Have an idea to improve this though!).

Let me know what you think guys! Really enjoyed doing this one though and cant wait to spend a year (lol) painting up all my grey knights like this (30 terminators + 30 marines + 2 dreadknights + more vehicles to follow).





Monday, 2 March 2015

And now for something completely different......

So over the weekend I finally got around to painting John Harper’s Bretonnian knight for his planned army of individual knights. He plans to get one knight painted by a different person and build up a really unique and cool army that has a lot of personal history. Really loved this idea that each of his friends contribute a single knight painted in a unique colour scheme and jumped on board!

I decided to try something completely different and go with a Charles Rennie MacKintosh (CRM)themed knight dubbed: “Ser Charles La Renne MacKintosh, The Rose of the West”. I’m a huge fan of CRM’s work (went to the Glasgow School of Art and my wedding will be at the House of an Art Lover) so thought this model was a great chance to do a one off something different. Straight up, I am shocking at free hand so this was a real challenge for me and it is not that great imo but from arms length I think the model looks great.

I had a look for some CRM designs online to get inspiration (below) and sketched out the design a few times and 5x scale to get the feel of it before committing paint and brush to model. Some work in progress shots below. Really actually enjoyed painting this and made me think given (A LOT of) practise I would love to paint a Bret army with subtle variations on this design and colouring,  it would be totally unique. The CRM designs really lend themselves to Medieval heraldry and fabric work as they are so simple but equally colour ful.

Anyway please let me know what you think as it is something well out of my comfort zone!